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to join us as a student or researcher, reach out to Patrick



Group Leader, Research Professor

Patrick obtained his PhD from Philipps University Marburg, Germany, after which he pursued a Postdoc at UC Berkeley, USA, before leading the Pausch Lab at the VU LSC-EMBL Partnership Institute for Genome Editing Technologies in Vilnius, Lithuania. During his PhD and postdoctoral work, Patrick investigated a range of nucleic acid interacting stress response factors and adaptive immune systems from bacteria, also contributing to the development of novel CRISPR genome editing tools derived from jumbo bacteriophages.

Beyond science, Patrick enjoys cycling in and around Vilnius and occasionally tours on his motorcycle. Patrick's other passions are traveling and rock climbing.



Post-Doctoral EMBO Fellow

Rokas was born and raised in Vilnius, where he obtained his BSc and MSc degrees in Biochemistry at Vilnius University. Rokas earned his doctorate in natural sciences with Prof. Joao Matos at ETH Zurich. Throughout his career, he has studied bacterial anti-phage defense systems, eukaryotic homologous recombination and DNA repair. In Dr. Pausch’s group, Rokas studies nucleic acid metabolism disrupting factors from bacteriophages, aiming to discover and develop a new generation of biotechnological tools.

Besides his scientific interests, Rokas enjoys doing sports, reading books and going on long hikes into the wilderness.



Graduate Student and Laboratory Manager

Monika obtained her BSc and MSc degrees in Molecular biology at Vilnius university. During her Bachelor’s project, Monika researched the impact of chromatin remodeling agents on myeloid leukaemia cell lines. Throughout her Master’s project, she investigated In vitro evolution methods in order to increase reverse transcriptase resistance to inhibitors.



Graduate Student

Rimvydė obtained her BSc in Microbiology and Biotechnology. During her Bachelor’s project, Rimvydė researched the bacteriocin gene expression in Paenibacillus sp. After her Bachelor’s studies, she interned at the University of Amsterdam where she investigated the functions of the EcPBP2-RodA protein complex in cell division. For her Master's thesis, Rimvydė characterized beta-carbonic anhydrases from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In Dr Pausch’s group, Rimvydė is investigating non canonical CRISPR-Cas systems, aiming to discover and develop new genome editing tools.

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Graduate Student

Sharvika was born and raised in Mumbai, India, from where she obtained her bachelor degree in Biotechnology engineering before a short stint in the pharmaceutical industry producing recombinant proteins. Sharvika received her masters form Indian institute of Technology, Jodhpur, where she studied the role of RNA chaperones in virulence of Klebsiella pneumonia. 

In the Pausch lab, Sharvika will be working on the identification of novel nucleic acid manipulating factors using functional genomics of large prokaryotic mobile genetic elements. 

Besides her scientific interests, Sharvika enjoys sports and music.



M.Sc. Researcher

Daria received her bachelor's degree from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, where she studied Molecular Biology. Her thesis, completed under the guidance of Prof. Anatoliy Dragan, was devoted to the study of SARS-CoV-2 main protease and the interactions of its dimerization site with potential inhibitors. At Dr Pausch's lab Daria is currently studying CRISPR-Cas systems and their applications in eukaryotic cells. 

In her free time Daria enjoys going on long hikes, as well as cycling, painting and creative writing.

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M.Sc. Researcher

Ugnė obtained her BSc. Biological Sciences degree at University of Essex and is currently enrolled in Vilnius University's M.Sc. Molecular biology program. During her third-year research project at the University of Essex, Ugnė engineered synthetic biosensors to track the movement of hydrogen peroxide molecules under the oxidizing stress conditions in plant cells. In our lab, Ugnė works on her master's thesis under the supervision of Rimvyde Cepaite, studying CRISPR-Cas systems and applications in eukaryotic cells.

Besides Ugnė’s scientific interest, Ugnė is really passionate about cars and watching Formula 1 races (supporting the Scuderia Ferrari team), as well as photographing, fishing, hiking, and other sports.



Undergraduate Researcher

Aistė is currently studying for a B.Sc. Genetics degree at Vilnius University. While studying in her second year, she is also a member of Vilnius University Students' Representation, a non-profit, non-political organization, representing the interests of Vilnius University students. In Dr. Pausch's lab, Aistė is an intern, studying methods of molecular biology and biochemistry.

Outside of studies, Aistė enjoys reading books or comics, drawing and travelling.



Undergraduate Researcher

Kristina is currently pursuing a B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry at Vilnius University. She is an intern in Dr Pausch’s group and is studying research methods of biochemistry and molecular biology and their applications under the supervision Monika Jasnauskaite.

Aside from her studies, Kristina enjoys drawing, painting, going for walks, and reading about nature and psychology.

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Undergraduate Researcher

Gintarė is an undergraduate student at Vilnius University, pursuing a BSc degree in Molecular Biology.  She is doing an internship at Dr Pausch’s lab learning about methods of molecular biology and biochemistry. In her free time, she volunteers at a non-profit educational organization LGMOA – Oranžiniai that focuses on the organisation of natural sciences olympiads and educational programs for school students.

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Undergraduate Researcher

Martyna is a 3rd year Molecular Biotechnology B.Sc. student at Vilnius University. In our lab, Martyna studies molecular biology research methods under the supervision Monika Jasnauskaite.
Outside studies, Martyna volunteers in non-formal children education organizations like Scouts and summer camps, learn about Bioinformatics and participate in trivia game nights. Martyna's hobbies include bike-packing, camping, volleyball and music.

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